Meme community: Prevalent version of posts, mode, and you may contribution

Meme community: Prevalent version of posts, mode, and you may contribution

The rooted investigation understood four chief types of meme quiddities you to joined occasions on same friends: Object, certain character, generic reputation, action, and you may phrase. Following distinction between tangible graphic quiddities and you can abstract textual of those (Lewis, 2012 ; Spitzberg, 2014 ), we constructed a description to have quiddity concreteness. The initial several kinds-objects (eg Mentos in the “Eating plan Mentos”) and you will specific characters (like Bert when you look at the “Bert are Worst”)-are very noticeable and you will tangible. Simple characters (for instance the some kittens for the “LOLcats”) and methods (for instance the dancing moves during the “The Evolution regarding Moving”) will still be noticeable, however their expression you will go from one to particularly to another. Ultimately, as opposed to apparent stuff, sentences is the least concrete or even the very conceptual of all of the kinds. After this division, i counted brand new portion of days in the per household members that contains provides from all the kinds. For each and every meme such as for instance when you look at the a household had to have no less than one type of quiddity. Brand new quiddity concreteness top was acquired for each and every meme friends founded on weighted an incredible number of the 5-quiddity groups: object and specific reputation (1), generic reputation and you may procedures (0), and terms (?1).

Quiddity models

When you look at the RQ1 i asked exactly what are the prevailing sorts of quiddities you to join meme families with her. Our very own investigation showed that step is considered the most frequently employed quiddity on the sample (42.2% out-of meme times), accompanied by keywords (38.5%). Certain character (29%) and you may target (23%) was in fact less common, that have generic reputation (15.7%) trailing at the rear of. It is critical to observe that our results demonstrate that the new main quiddity was largely unlike the latest universal properties appearing inside the fresh codebook for many meme group. In reality, inside ninety% of one’s meme household, the latest quiddity is actually certain meaning that was not within the universal features. Such as for instance, throughout the “Superstar Conflicts Son” relatives, the fresh new operate out-of assaulting with laserlight swords was a highly specific quiddity, and therefore couldn’t feel seized by general options that come with the brand new codebook.

Within the RQ2 we asked and therefore templates, models, and participation formations try prevalent (and you may limited) inside modern internet memes. We unearthed that prominent people (26.5%), dining (19.1%) and you may the newest news (16.3%) were the most popular information; nationality (dos.6%), current situations (step three.2%), and you may functions and you can employment (3.3%) were at least popular subjects. With regards to sex, male professionals (59.4%) were depicted two times as often as the people members (27.3%). Children and you may young people (38.7%) featured most, if you are elderly participants was in fact the least illustrated (5.6%) with respect to age bracket. Caucasian professionals (forty two.5%) was indeed the most represented ethnic classification, if you are Hispanic or Latino people the least (0.2%). Ultimately, when it comes to mode, very times was indeed pictures (56%) otherwise video clips (42.6%) instead of pure textual memes (1%). Generally, such findings validate a few of the observations produced in brand new qualitative degree described more than, where the memetic fields is actually also known as controlled of the younger, white males. Regarding themes, media-centered playfulness seemingly have come significantly more tall than involvement with government. Very predicated Equestrian dating sites on descriptive statistics at the very least, politics is quite limited about memetic areas. But really, just like the unfolded lower than, circle research will state you a more complex facts.

Brand new cohesiveness out of generic services in meme parents

Since intricate over, one of many aims of research were to take a look at the newest the amount off cohesiveness from meme parents with regards to their general attributes (RQ3). Figure 2 reveals the circle out-of memes discussing similar stuff functions. To manufacture this new artwork studies crisper, we show right here just five meme family one express several otherwise alot more properties. How big brand new node represents the system studies, to put it differently, how many other meme hours they offers stuff services having. Such as for example, the initial meme out-of “Log off Britney By yourself” ’s the biggest node, revealing at the least a couple stuff services having 56 (off 83) almost every other meme times. “Graffiti” and you can “Birmingham” is actually each other instances of the fresh “Pepper Sprinkle Cop” meme members of the family. They are the littlest nodes regarding circle, sharing several articles attributes having a few most other meme occasions. The thickness of link means just how many common attributes. Such as, brand new ties ranging from cases of the “Get-off Britney Alone” are particularly heavy, and therefore he’s very similar to both when it comes out of stuff. The initial meme and its days express up to nine (of 16) blogs functions along.

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